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L2S121: Mokujin – Mojo EP


Mokujin – Mojo EP

Release date: 19th January 2015

“Digital White Labels” available 12th January Exclusively from Juno Download


Mokujin – Mojo EP

Sweet Sweet Mojo // Chekk Chekk Mojo // Bad Bad Mojo


L2S kicks off 2015 with Berlin based UK Producer Mokujin dropping “Mojo EP”. 3 tracks of Mojo inspired depth and weight. “Sweet Sweet Mojo” kicks off the EP with it’s almost Tech-inspired arrangement, looped and chopped vocals, intense 2 step drum programming and wild bass like only Mokujin can deliver. “Chekk Chekk Mojo” follows with awesome MC samples DJs will love that twist into deep and warped vocals and seriously deep sub bass weight. To round off the EP is “Bad Bad Mojo” and as the name suggests this is arguably the deepest and darkest track on the EP, with creepy vocals and atmospheres, featuring an almost laid back 2 step pattern certain to appeal to the 420 heads ontop of dutty rolling bass.

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